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Helping to understand what matters

Our videos, in partnership with Money Alive, are broken down into chapters, allowing you to decide how best to view the information. They are jargon-free and help you understand the terminology and the options you have. You can find out more about them below.

Image by Rob King

A guide to guaranteed income

A guide to using your pension pot to provide a guaranteed retirement income for life by purchasing an annuity.

Image by Katarzyna Grabowska

Understanding long term care

Everything you need to know about long term care including the financial implications.

Image by Scott Graham

An introduction to lasting power of attorney

What are Power of Attorneys and why are they important?

Image by Mari Helin

Making and reviewing a will

A summary of the importance and benefits of making or reviewing a will and what a will covers.

Image by Lucas Cleutjens

A guide to pensions drawdown

The importance of reviewing your drawdown pension and the important factors to consider.

Image by Matthew Bennett

All you need to know about final salary schemes

The options available to members of final salary schemes who have preserved pensions and wish to review their benefits.

Image by Luca Upper

Your pension freedom options.

Find out about the different ways you can take your pension.

Image by Dennis Brekke

Creating a flexible retirement income.

Find out about how to ensure you have a flexible income in your retirement.

Image by Charles Forerunner

The importance of business protection

Find out why it's important to think about insuring the people who are critical to your business.

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