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Understanding long term care

An introduction to long term care

Watch our helpful video, made in partnership with Money Alive, that explains a number of things that you need to know about when it comes to long term care, including the financial implications.

What's in the video?

This video has 6 chapters:

Chapter 1: An introduction to long term care

A summary of the five steps you need to take to better understand the care system.

Chapter 2: Will the NHS pay for my care?

Find out about eligibility for NHS Continuing Healthcare and NHS Nursing Care.

Chapter 3: Getting a care needs assessment

How to get a care needs assessment, things you need to consider and the role of the local authority.

Chapter 4: Getting a financial assessment for care

How to get a financial assessment and how do your income and assets affect your eligibility for funding.

Chapter 5: Deliberate deprivation of assets

How getting rid of your assets won’t necessarily help you secure funding for care.

Chapter 6: Getting a carers assessment

How to get a carers assessment and how can the local authority help you in your caring role.

To view the guide, simply click the button below to register and view.

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