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A guide to flexible incomes

Understanding your options

Watch our helpful video, made in partnership with Money Alive, that helps you understand the options when it comes to providing a flexible income in retirement.

What's in the video?

This video has 9 chapters:

Chapter 1: Guide to flexible income

A guide to using your pension pot to provide a flexible retirement income.

Chapter 2: Maintaining your FAD income

What do I need to consider when deciding the level of my FAD income?

Chapter 3: Death benefits

What happens to my pension pot when I die?

Chapter 4: Shopping around for FAD

How do I get the best product for me and my circumstances?

Chapter 5: Tax

How will my lump sum be taxed?

Chapter 6: Scams

How can I protect myself from pension and investment scams?

Chapter 7: Debt

How might taking my pension pot impact me if I'm in debt?

Chapter 8: Means-tested state benefits

How might taking pension withdrawals impact on me if I am eligible for means-tested state benefits?

Chapter 9: Case study – flexible income

An example of someone who might benefit from having a flexible income.

To view the guide, simply click the button below to register and view.

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