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Save money on international money transfer with our exclusive rates

If you are planning a move abroad and need to send money overseas to fund your emigration, or you need to move money between countries, we’re here to help. We've partnered with leading currency exchange experts, Currencies Direct, to provide our clients with access to market leading rates. Simply complete the FX form and receive a free quote for your international money transfer.

Japanese Money
All customers are assigned their own FX account manager, a currency expert who will take the time to understand your requirements, keep you up-to-date with the latest market movements and help you get a great return. Some of the services they offer include:

Spot Contracts

Make a transfer ‘on the spot’ at the current exchange rate. Great if you need to move money in a hurry.


Forward Contracts

Fix the current exchange rate for up to a year ahead of making a transfer. While fixing a rate would mean you’d miss out if the exchange rate improved, you’ll be protected if the market moves against you. This service can be particularly useful if you’re buying a property and need to budget for your purchase


Limit Orders

Target an exchange rate higher than the current market rate. Simply tell your FX account manager the rate you want to achieve, and they’ll make your transfer automatically as soon as the market moves to that level.


Rate Alerts

With a rate alert you set the rate you’d like to achieve, and your FX account manager will notify you by text and email as soon as the market moves to that level. You can set multiple rate alerts and there’s no obligation to make a transfer once your rate is hit.


Market Updates

Staying on top of the latest rate movements can help you time your transfer effectively. Your FX account manager can send daily and weekly market updates straight to your inbox, helping you pick the best time to move your money.


24/7 Transfers

With Currencies Direct’s online service and app you can move money anytime, anywhere. You can also set rate alerts, add recipients, view your transfer history and check live rates.

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