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We offer advice on a range of different services that are designed for business and shareholder protection. Below you will find a selection of them:

Key Person Protection

Ensuring that your key individuals are properly protected makes perfect sense.  What would happen if someone who is integral to the successful operating of your business was no longer able to work?  Taking steps to mitigate against this is something businesses should do.  As well as this, key person cover is a condition of most business sales these days.  Due to the time involved in carrying out the underwriting on such individuals it is critical that you use an adviser who has experience in placing these types of policies and has all round excellent market knowledge.  Luckily, we have both.

Shareholder Protection

In simple terms, shareholder protection insurance is designed to ensure that in the unfortunate aftermath of a shareholder’s death, the process is smooth and as stress free as possible.  At its highest level it involves writing up a series of legal agreements that set out how shares are to be managed if a shareholder passes away. The benefits of shareholder protection include a safe and stable business plan, support for family members during the process and cover for significant illness and disablement.  The three main types of shareholder protection we can advise on are:


  • Life of another

  • Company share purchase

  • Own life policies held under business trust

Group Risk Benefits

When you choose to offer your employees certain benefits as part of their contract of employment you may wish to mitigate some of the risks.  Rather than bear all of the risks yourself you can choose to take our group risk insurance policies to cover some or all of the liability for death benefits, long term sick pay and critical illness cover.  We can help you look at the following and decide if they are appropriate for your business:

  • Group life insurance

  • Group critical illness

  • Group income protection

Relevant Life

A Relevant Life Plan is a term assurance plan, available to employers, that provides an individual death in service benefit for an employee. It's designed to pay a lump sum if the person covered dies or is diagnosed with a terminal illness, whilst employed during the term. A Relevant Life Plan is paid for by the employer.

Find out more

If you’d like to find out more about our approach and how we can help you, then just get in touch.

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